Home Specifications

See the specific improvements and features we carefully choose to put into our homes. Note some features may vary from home to home.
Contact us for specific details about a certain home.

Heating and Ventilation

95% AFUE efficiency dual-stage furnace to save energy.
Heat recovery ventilator allows for high efficiency low temperature performance.
Wi-Fi enabled thermostats.
General filter flow humidifier with KineticFlo© for the best performance.

Windows and Flooring

Triple Pane Alpha 450 Series OX Windows, supplied by Durabuilt
SPC Vinyl Flooring, combines limestone and stabilizers to create an extremely durable core.
Marble Carrara Tile Backsplash.
Shaw attainable carpet with 10 pound chip foam underlay.

Kitchen and Appliances

Contemporary high gloss kitchen cabinetss.
Quartz countertops. Durable, high gloss surface with a natural look. High density material provides a luxurious, low maintenance surface.
Exact appliances may vary from home to home.
Historically: black stainless steel, smudge-proof appliances are used. Appliances are chosen to complement the design of the home.

Home Plumbing System

Hytec Tubs & Showers.
Black decor Faucets & Trims.
Contract Toilets (Slow close) & Sinks.
Power Direct Vent 50 Gallon Gas Hot Water Tank.

Additional Home Improvements

Each home has designer dimmable LED light fixtures and pot-lights.
Dual Shade Zebra Blinds. Made from polyester and are self-cleaning and non-dust attractive.
Custom designed shelving.
Custom made mirrors in all bathroom.
Duradeck maintenance-free vinyl deck with custom railings